On Thursday, May 25 to Sunday, May 28, 2023, we will be gathering in Prince Albert for an in person Regional Meeting.  The registration form to attend the three day meeting, join on-line or attend the Saturday, May 27th, Celebration of Ministry banquet can be found here.  Please continue to watch this page for more meeting details and information as it becomes available.  A wonderful time together is in the planning.


Planning Committee:

Convenor:  Carolyn Woodall
Member:    Brian Tudor
Member:    Daryl Woods
Member:    Chantalle Morrow-Fesciuc
Convenor of Regional Gathering:   VACANT

GC44 Commissioners List

2023 Docket / Annual Reports

Section A – General Information
Section B – Regional Council Executive
Section C – Commissions & Committees
Section D – Networks, Clusters and Task Groups
Section E – Educational Partners
Section F – Outreach Ministries
Section G – Friends of Living Skies Regional Council
Section H – Biographies
Section I – Nominations

Pastoral Relations Commission Summary
Report 2022-2023

LSRC Financial Statements – December 31


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