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Rev. Lindsay Mohn
Youth & Young Adult Ministries – Living Skies Region

Meghan Drabble
YAYAC Animator – Living Skies Region

Rod Leuty
Regional Camps Liaison


OUR PURPOSE: A Quick Summary of What We Think God is Asking YAYAC to Be…

OK, so we know that Jesus has called us to be the Church together, and we also know that a loving local congregation or community of faith is the best source of pastoral relationship for youth and young adults.  It’s really obvious that faith is complicated and has a weird way of being both a source of joy and frustrating challenge at the same time. Bearing all of this in mind, we believe that God is calling the Youth & Young Adult Community (YAYAC) to a pretty unique ministry:

1) To support the priorities and objectives of youth and young adult ministry throughout Living Skies Region.
2) To perform the task of networking in the Region by:

– creating and distributing a newsletter focused on Youth & Young Adult Ministry.
– providing a website hub for youth and young adult ministries within Living Skies Region.

3) To support and enable leadership development.
4) To facilitate and organize Regional events for youth and young adults by ensuring planning teams are in place, and by providing for resources necessary in terms of finances and people.
5) To serve as liaison with other Regions, the General Council Office/Divisions, and ecumenical organizations, in regards to youth and young adult ministry.
6) To network with youth and young adult ministries in the Region.
7) To create an environment around their gatherings that will lend itself to spiritual growth, discipleship and community building.
8) To create from its membership appropriate task groups to carry out the work of the Youth & Young Adult Community.

Sounds pretty cool, eh?

Have a Great Day!

No, really.  Take a deep breath.  God loves you!

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