Limited access update (2020)

The UCC Living Skies Region Archives is currently closed to researchers, due to public health restrictions and concerns relating to COVID-19.  Most other activities are continuing part-time and you can still contact us with preliminary research questions or requests, preferably by e-mail.  Office time is reduced, so phone calls may not be returned for a while. 

For the time being, individuals, congregations and other church bodies wishing to transfer/donate records are asked to postpone delivery to the archives, if possible.  Please contact us by e-mail to discuss any concerns about particular records, to let us know what you are planning to send, and/or for any necessary clarifications. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

About the Archives


The Saskatchewan Conference Archives (now Living Skies Regional Council Archives) was established in October 1925, soon after the creation of the United Church of Canada and its initial regional Conferences.  Originally based at St. Andrew’s College, in Saskatoon, the archival collections and activities have evolved over the years and shifted to Regina.

Our responsibilities include collecting, preserving and making available for research records within the boundaries of the United Church Living Skies Regional Council and former Saskatchewan Conference.


Our archives contains records from Methodist, Presbyterian, Congregational and local union churches in Saskatchewan prior to 1925, as well as local, presbyterial and Conference records of the United Church of Canada, from 1925 onwards. These include:

  • Local Saskatchewan congregations – baptism, marriage, and burial registers; historic membership and communion rolls; meeting minutes of congregations, church councils, boards and committees; printed annual reports; local church histories, photographs and scrapbooks;
  • Saskatchewan-based United Church groups, e.g. United Church Women (UCW), Women’s Missionary Society (WMS), and Women’s Association (WA) – minutes, membership lists, histories and scrapbooks;
  • Presbyteries within the former Saskatchewan Conference – minutes, reports, histories, lists and other documents;
  • Saskatchewan Conference staff, officers, committees, task groups, and related bodies – minutes, reports and related files;
  • Individuals associated with the United Church in Saskatchewan – sermons, photographs, notebooks and other personal papers.

For copies of our brochures, click here: Research in the Living Skies Archives (for researchers) or United Church Records and the Living Skies Region Archives (for congregations and other records creators).

Requesting Baptism, Marriage, Burial or Membership Records

If you are looking for information about a particular baptism, marriage, burial or membership, please send your request in writing to, or mail it to Living Skies Region Archives – The United Church of Canada, c/o Lakeview United Church, 3200 McCallum Avenue, Regina, SK S4S 0R8.

Please include in your request

  1. Your first and last name.
  2. Your contact information, including e-mail and (optionally) your mailing address and/or phone number.
  3. The full name(s) of the individual in the record requested – first name, last name and name at the time of baptism, confirmation, or marriage.
  4. The location (city or town) where the baptism, confirmation, marriage or funeral took place.
  5. The church or other site (e.g. town hall) in that location where the ceremony took place.
  6. The date of the ceremony – approximate year, if necessary.
  7. Your relationship to the individual in question (e.g. great-grandchild, aunt, sibling).
  8. The purpose of your inquiry (e.g. family history, passport, research for a book).

Information contained in registers is organized by church, event, and date, so we cannot search based on names alone. Historic membership rolls generally group names by church and year – these were periodically revised, so confirmation and departure dates from the congregation (if known) can be useful.

For more information and tips, click here:  Requesting Information from Registers and Rolls.

NOTE: Not all records are open to the public.  In keeping with privacy policies and legislation, access is limited for many baptism, marriage and burial registers created from 1920 onwards.

Research in the Archives

If you are researching a particular person, church or other topic relating to the United Church in Saskatchewan, the Archives may be able to help direct your search.  Many of our records are listed in finding aids and in the online Saskatchewan Archival Information Network (SAIN) database.  You can also e-mail us for additional information.


Once you have identified which records may be helpful for your research, you may wish to view them in person or request copies.

Reference services for our collections are provided in partnership with the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan (PAS), located at 2440 Broad Street, in Regina.*  Due to health restrictions and the ongoing move into the new facility, public access is by appointment only.  For hours, location and to book an appointment with PAS, see

*The UCC Living Skies Region Archivist is a part-time position not located in the Provincial Archives building.  If you have detailed questions or issues to discuss with the Region Archivist, please e-mail, prior to your visit.

For more information and tips, click here:  Research and In-Person Access to Archival Records.

NOTE: Not all records are open to the public.  In keeping with privacy policies and legislation, some records containing personal information are restricted – this applies to most baptism, marriage and burial registers created from 1920 onwards.

Related Sources

If your research involves United Church congregations outside of Saskatchewan, you may wish to consult another United Church Archives. For a full listing, see the United Church of Canada Archives Circle.

Depending on your topic, you may also want to review the research guides and publications provided by the United Church of Canada Archives (in Toronto), at  These include the multi-volume Guide to United Church Ministers, compiled by Douglas Walkington, which lists ministers and their assigned pastoral charges from 1925-2011.

For information on other Saskatchewan-based archives, you can visit the website of the Saskatchewan Council for Archives and Archivists (SCAA), at

Transferring Records to Archives

When records are no longer used by a congregation, presbytery, or other church body, they may be eligible for transfer to the Region Archives.  If you are looking after these records, we recommend you follow the steps below.

Preliminary Review

  1. Identify what records you have and determine which should go to the archives. For some guidance in making these decisions, click here: What do the Archives Want? (for congregational records).
  2. Make a preliminary list of the records you would like to send to the archives. For a template (Word format), click here:  Preliminary Inventory. For more detailed information and examples, click here: Guidelines for Submitting Records.
  3. Contact the Living Skies Region Archives and send a copy of the list (by email or mail), to let the archivist know what you have. Please also note how many boxes there are and whether there are any serious concerns (e.g. water damage).

The archivist will review the list and contact you to make arrangements for the transfer. The archives office is only staffed part-time, so delivery of records must be arranged with the Archivist in advance

Document the Transfer

When the records have been organized and the list reviewed by the Archives, complete the transfer form applicable to you (this will require Board approval, in some cases):

Complete the Transfer

Deliver records to the Region Archives office and fill-in the  Receipt of Records for Appraisal form (or include the already completed form with the transfer). This form must be completed for all records received by the Archives.

Feel free to contact us ( for clarification.

Donating Records to the Archives

In addition to church records, the Living Skies Region Archives also collects papers, photographs and related records from some private individuals and organizations associated with (but not directly governed by) The United Church of Canada in Saskatchewan.

If you have private records you would like to offer the Archives, see: Donating Private Records.

For additional information, contact the Archivist by e-mail ( or mail, at Living Skies Region Archives – The United Church of Canada, c/o Lakeview United Church, 3200 McCallum Avenue, Regina, SK S4S 0R8. You can also phone 306-721-3311. 

If you are dropping off or sending in records to the archives for review, you will also need to fill out the Receipt of Records for Appraisal form.  The archives office is only staffed part-time, so delivery of records must be arranged with the Archivist in advance 

Remembering our history

Honouring Our Heritage – for information about the United Church’s Historic Commemorations Program.

The Children Remembered – about United Church involvement in the Indian Residential Schools, with histories of schools and photographs. (Saskatchewan schools are included.)

United Church Digital Collection – database of scanned images from The United Church of Canada Archives in Toronto. (Saskatchewan-related content is included.)