This committee is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the Regional Council’s responsibility to encourage and support Ministry Personnel toward health, joy and excellence in ministry practice.


A minimum of 3 people with the Pastoral Relations Minister.

Committee Members

Member:     Michele Rowe
Member:     Heather Wyatt
Member:     Joy Cowan
Member:     Pam Thomas
Member:     VACANT
Pastoral Relations Minister:   Tracy Murton


  • Caring pastorally for ministry personnel and families experiencing loss and hardship
  • Initiating programming to enhance health, joy and excellence in the practice of ministry
  • Providing ongoing training for ministry personnel
  • Caring pastorally for retired members
  • Recommending action on licensing to administer the sacraments privileges for people who retired while serving as Designated Lay Ministers to Pastoral Relations Staff, who are authorized by Regional Council Executive to make approvals according to policy statement
  • Supporting networks and clusters that are established related to the above work