What are Clusters and Networks? Who’s working on them, and how do the people of the United Church in Saskatchewan get involved?

In March 2019, the Regional Commission created a task group to help sustain and explore Clusters and Networks in Living Skies Region (Saskatchewan). Its members are: Elaine Little, Margaret McCallum, Karen Mitchell, Vicki Nelson, and Kevin Sprong.

Interested in starting a Network or Cluster? Confused? Have ideas to share? We want to hear from you!

Contact the group through Julie Graham, Minister for Communications and Justice, jgraham@united-church.ca or 306-244-2157 (Saskatoon).

So far, Living Skies Regional Council includes the following Clusters and Networks:

 Chinook Worship Circle (Cluster)     

Most pastoral charges in southwest Saskatchewan have been without ministers, especially full time ones, for some time.  To help ensure that there are services each Sunday in churches that would like them, the vacant charges in the region developed a ‘Worship Circle’ a number of years ago, which rotates a number part-time ministers, lay ministers and LLWLs from across the southwest through the different charges. Twice a year, members of the Worship Circle get together to figure out a schedule for the next six months.  Together there are 10 ministry personnel who rotate through six pastoral charges.  This model has worked very well for our congregations, and has given us a chance to get to know people in other communities, spread over about a 300 km radius.

Korean Ministers Cluster

We stand for the efforts for promoting intercultural ministry, affirming ministry, the Truth and Reconciliation process, and thriving congregation ministry.  We hope that we will help each other not only for our ministry but also for our life-giving works, especially in Saskatchewan.

 Former Twin Valleys ministry personnel gathering

Ministry Personnel of the area formerly known as Twin Valleys Presbytery meet to worship, visit, and mostly check in with each other four times a year.

 Reconciliation United (Saskatoon area)

Saskatoon communities of faith are gathering every two months over soup to share their responses to
the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action. Support, accountability,
and sharing are the focus of this community.

Regina and Area Cluster

The Coordinating Committee of Regina and Area Cluster has been meeting since early January 2019. Our committee includes Cam Fraser, Randy Graham, Donna Rumpel, Vicki Nelson, and Kent Stewart. In that time we have started to develop a communication strategy.  At this point we have set up a monthly email newsletter and a Facebook Group (Regina & Area Cluster of the United Church of Canada).  Communities of faith, ministries, and others can connect and share their work and events on either or both of these platforms.

We bring urban and rural communities of faith together for strategic conversation on future ministry and mission including education, community ministries, justice and right relations, mutual support and nurture. We also look forward to connecting with other clusters!

Newsletter: Sign up for our newsletter here.  
Contact: ReginaAreaCluster@gmail.com
Facebook: Facebook group

 Saskatoon and Area Cluster

This group is gathering at least twice a year to look at the future of Communities of faith in Saskatoon, and encouraging discernment, formal and informal resource sharing, and collaboration.

 United Church Sask Camps Network

This Network includes contacts at Camps Tapawingo, Christopher, Shagabec and Lumsden Beach (so far!! All camps welcome!

 Women of the United Church Network

This longstanding network includes all women within the United Church in Saskatchewan, however you define that belonging! Regular retreats are offered, and a monthly newsletter.
This Network connects with the formal United Church Women (UCW) across Canada, but you don’t need to be a UCW member to join in learning, worship, community, and fun.

 Wynyard-area Cluster

A cluster group with the worship leaders from Wynyard, Foote-Copeland, Lanigan, Nokomis, Raymore, Semans is forming.