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We the Board of Regina Native Outreach Ministry invite you to participate in a Traditional Feast we would like to hold for United Church members. It is meant as a thank you to all those who have supported our ministry over the years.  We are asking your participation as we can not do it alone.

There may be some traditional teachings during the feast.  Our leading Elder will be Kokum Bea (Beatrice Laframboise).  I Rev. Deb have chosen Kokum Bea as it is my belief our woman were once the leaders in our communities before colonization, Kokum Bea agrees with me that as woman we need to take back what was taken from our people in various areas of our Traditional Ways.

The Feast: June 4, 2022 @ 1:00pm

Where:      Wascana Park across from Saskatchewan Museum

What is a Traditional Feast?

A Traditional feast is a celebration of various important events within a community:

the birth of a child

the death of a person

the anniversary of the death of a person (held 4 years in a row after the death, the 4th year includes a give away)

the accomplishment of a person or the community (we have accomplished much with your support)

What does a Traditional Feast entail?

The gathering of a community (you & us), all in the community come together with food and ceremony lead by an Elder. The food is prepared by the women of the community, it is laid out by the men of the community.

Callout to the men

We need 9 men from the church communities to be servers of the food. There are certain details these men need to know in the duties as server. Please send me names from your community so I can meet with them at least a week before the feast to give instruction. (306) 519-7840 or glammergirl@live.com

A word to the women

Women, please wear a long skirt that reaches between your knees and ankles or down to your ankle, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a ribbon skirt. It is important that if you sit on the ground in your skirt that you either sit with your legs straight out or both turned to the side. do not sit with your legs crossed.  The Old Lady (great-grandmother) taught my sisters and I that. If a woman sits with her legs crossed she is opening herself to evil/bad things. If you are Two Spirit or LBGTQIA you are invited to wear a skirt or not as you wish, and to choose where you sit.

Foods Needed

No pork allowed

Soup: 6-8 pots

Bannock: if you know how to make feel free to bring it. I will likely make both oven and frybread

Wild Berries: saskatoons, raspberries, blueberries, cooked, I will try get chokecherries and cook them

Fruit: Apples, Oranges, Bananas (possibly 2 boxes of each)

Big Bowls of Canned Fruit: Mixed, Peaches, Pears, Mandarin Oranges

Crackers: 6-8 boxes

Candies: For the Children, to be all put in a bin to pass out

Tea: A few pots

Bottled Water or canned pop any flavor

There a few traditional dishes also, I will get those together

Please feel free to call or email me if you have questions

Rev. Deb Anderson-Pratt