The commission oversees and make decisions on property matters in accordance to the Manual and the property policies of the regional and denomination governance.


5 to 7 elected members with an interest in property matters and the willingness to meeting on short notice. 

Commission Members

Convenor:  Annette Taylor
Member:    George Thurlow
Member:    Bev Kostichuk
Member:    Daryl Woods
Member:    Jonathan Zacharias
Member:    Bob McPherson
Member:    VACANT

Property Commission Minutes


  • Make decisions related to property matters on behalf of the Living Skies Regional Council within the scope of regional responsibilities as set out in C.2.6 of The Manual and property policies adopted by the regional council
  • Make decisions related to the disbanding of congregations including the approval of disbursement of assets
  • Report all decisions quarterly to the regional executive
  • Report to the regional council meeting including a summary of decisions made and any concerns, suggestions, etc. related to property matters
  • Make recommendations to the regional council or its executive for new regional policies related to property matters
  • Meet as required to deal with property matters including within 7-10 days of an offer for the sale of property or any other matter requiring a time sensitive decision