LGBTQIA+ Affirming

A tipi with a rainbow feather painted on it, in front of Saskatoon's Bessborough hotel

OUT Saskatoon’s Two Spirit tipi at Saskatoon Pride 2017.

The Affirming program is both a process and recognition for ministries who strive to celebrate LGBTQIA+ and Two Spirit people publicly, intentionally, and explicitly. Any ministry of any kind can become Affirming! Within our Regional Council there are many such ministries- with lots of room for growth. Keep scrolling down this page for more resources, and for the latest news and Affirming opportunities.

In May 2019, Living Skies Regional Council voted to begin the Affirming process. This reflects its past commitments, when the former SK Conference and one of its presbyteries were Affirming. And it reflects the need to revisit and renew those commitments. Guided by a task group, the Regional Council and its members will discern how our new structure can live into the spirit and practice of being Affirming. Task group members are: Joy Cowan, Bob Hayes (chair), Shelly Manley-Tannis, Allison Saraurer, Yoonjoo Shin, Tony Thompson, and Jackie van’t Voort. Staff support is Julie Graham. Please contact the task group any time through or (we don’t post members’ emails in order to protect privacy, but the Regional Council will put you in touch directly and confidential conversations are welcome.)

Have a look for Affirming ministries in Living Skies Regional Council: On the AUSE site; and on the United Church of Canada ministry locator (check under SK communities for both.) Many others are currently in the Affirming process.

Affirming news