Living Skies Regional Council came into being on January 1, 2019, as part of The United Church of Canada’s restructuring. This was the biggest reorganization since the church was formed in 1925, and it involved saying goodbye to presbyteries (sub-regional governance bodies) and Conferences (regional governance). These bodies were a deeply important part of our ministry in Saskatchewan and its communities. Now we are living into being one governance body instead of two, as the church’s context continues to change, and we strive to find new and different ways of serving our communities. We hope this website will tell you some of our vision and story.

Living Skies Regional Council Structure Diagram

Living Skies Regional Council exists within the provincial boundaries of Saskatchewan.  It has about 170 Pastoral Charges and about 230 congregational communities of faith.  It also contains other communities of faith including 5 outreach ministries and 5 camps.  We also have St. Andrew’s College within our Regional Council and a special relationship with several ecumenical partners.

Vision and Mission

We believe God is calling Living Skies Regional Council, as a court of The United Church of Canada:

to nurture, support, and oversee Christ’s ministry within the life and work of communities of faith
to be a spirit-filled people of God who seek to journey in Christ’s way;
to acknowledge our differences as well as that which we hold in common;
to love and serve others;
to seek justice and peace in relationship with all humanity and the earth;
to fulfill the requirements of a Region of The United Church of Canada as laid out in the Manual.