This committee is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the Regional Council’s responsibility to support Communities of Faith in their life and work.


A minimum of 3 people, with the Pastoral Relations Minister

Committee Members

Member:     Deborah Smith
Member:     Bill Pollock
Member:     VACANT
Member:     VACANT
Member:     VACANT
Pastoral Relations Minister:   Tracy Murton


  • Providing oversight of preparation of Community of Faith Covenants with the assistance of Ministry Personnel/ Pastoral Charge Supervisors
  • Receiving “regular” self-assessment reports from Communities of Faith re: Covenants
  • Connecting the Community of Faith with United Fresh Start Facilitators at the beginning of new pastoral relationship and as needed throughout
  • Supporting Communities of faith in structural changes, amalgamations, realignments and disbanding and recommending any actions to the Regional Council Executive
  • Supporting emerging new ministries
  • Ensuring compliance with policies and polity, and reviewing any relevant records
  • Assisting the Regional Council to ensure completion of statistical forms by Community of Faith
  • Providing education and resources for providing safe and accessible communities, including compliance with all United Church of Canada and government requirements
  • Supporting networks and clusters that are established related to the above