This decision-making body meets monthly to review all of the work associated with pastoral relationships: ministry profiles, calls and appointments of ministry personnel, candidates and pastoral charge supervisors, and supporting the work of the Regional Council Liaisons. 


A minimum of 5 people with the Pastoral Relations Minister. 

Committee Members

Member:          Jen Dresser
Member:          Brian Mee
Member:          Donna Rumpel
Member:          Janelle Shaw
Member:          VACANT
Pastoral Relations Minister: Tracy Murton
Pastoral Relations Admin:    Bev Diebert

Pastoral Relations Commission Motions

LSRC PRC Motions July-Dec 2023 – The Motions from the Pastoral Relations Commission from July to December of 2023
LSRC PRC Summary Report 2022-2023 – The Pastoral Relations Commission Summary report.
LSRC PRC Motions Apr-June 2023 – The motions from the Pastoral Relations Commission from April to June of 2023
LSRC PRC Motions Jan-Mar 2023 – The motions from the Pastoral Relations Commission from January to March of 2023

In the new structure, the role of presbytery representatives to Joint Needs Assessment and Joint Search Committees has been replaced by trained Regional Council Liaisons who consult with communities of faith on any matter related to the pastoral relationship – beginning, sustaining and ending.

These Liaisons also meet monthly for support and networking, updating their progress to the Pastoral Relations Commission as required. Handbooks related to this work are found on the national website .


  • Training and Supporting of Regional Council Liaison Officers
  • Promoting articulation of mission and ministry 
  • Appointing regional Council Liaison Officers to assist communities of faith in pastoral relations matters at designated times including profile development 
  • Approving all ministry positions 
  • Approving new positions 
  • Recruiting, choosing, calling, appointing and covenanting with ministry personnel and other staff in cooperation with communities of faith
  • Appointing RC Liaison Officers to attend meetings called for pastoral relations matters
  • Covenanting new pastoral relationships of 6 months or more 
  • Approving changes in terms of call or appointment 
  • Receiving and approving request from ministry personnel to end pastoral relationship
  • Ending calls / appointments with ministry personnel and other staff in cooperation with communities of faith
  • Participating in meeting of community of faith requesting end in pastoral relationship
  • Initiating the ending of pastoral relationship when notified by the Office of Vocations 
  • Deciding whether a position is accountable to governing body or region – categorizing Congregational Designated Minister positions
  • Approving any leave more than 3 months or sabbaticals
  • Appointing Interim Ministers, appointing 1 or 2 representatives to Transition Teams, participating in evaluation of IM, and receiving evaluations of IM and Interim Ministry 
  • Approving supply appointments
  • Approving renewal of supply appointments 
  • Appointing Pastoral Charge Supervisors