To the Congregations of Living Skies Regional Council,

Greetings, Friends, from Wesley United Church, in Regina

Do you have members of your congregation and community who will be coming to Regina in the Fall of 2022 to attend the University of Regina, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, or First Nations University of Canada?

At Wesley United Community of Faith, we are the closest in proximity to the University of Regina campus, only two blocks walk. We would like to be able to support your loved one when they are here in the Queen City.

We are hoping to offer a welcome when they arrive.
Then at midterms and during finals, we can provide a care package for them, with some homemade goodies, snacks, and tea/coffee/hot chocolate. This support would continue in the Spring term as well.

All we need to do this new and exciting ministry is contact information for each person coming, with their permission, of course. Then we can be in touch with them so we can deliver our care packages to them at the appropriate times.

If you will share the names with preferred pronouns, an email address and/or phone number that we can text, and any dietary requirements, we can proceed. Our contact person is Barb Schmuland, and to protect her privacy, please contact her through the church office. Call (306) 586-5220 or

We hope to hear from you by the end of June. We will be in touch with each student in August to confirm that this support is still welcome, and we will confirm with them the date that they plan to arrive.

Leaving home and moving to a new city is both energizing and challenging. We hope that knowing there is a group of new friends waiting to welcome them here may lessen any anxiety that accompanies this time of transition.

With all best wishes for end of year exams, and for a celebratory Graduation season,

Frances Goudie, Maureen Kolot, Kendra Patton, and Barb Schmuland, The Christian Education Committee of Wesley United, Regina