A basket of olives with sunrise and rows of olive trees in the background.Fall is harvest time throughout the Northern hemisphere, and in Palestine and Israel, the October olive harvest is a deeply important time for community, culture, and traditional food for the coming year.

But it’s also a time where violence directed at Palestinian farmers spikes to new levels, as radical Jewish settlers target Palestinian olive trees and harvesters. The World Council of Churches offers extensive videos and photos in a special project launched last year, and you can use these freely in your community of faith.

New this year: The Palestine Service for Peace was created by the Saskatchewan and Ontario Taste of Palestine Group, and compiled and edited by Ineke Medcalf. It’s available on YouTube- use freely in your worship services.

SK planners will also offer us two Taste of Palestine online events focused on traditional Palestinian food and the realities of living and eating under military occupation or blockade.

Haneen AbdAlnabi will be our first host on October 12 at 10:30AM. She is a teacher and translator living under blockade in Gaza, and, we hope, will come to us live from Gaza. The next gathering will take place November 2 at 10:30, live from the West Bank with Claire Anastas, whose house is surrounded on three sides by the Separation Wall.

Register here to get the Zoom link for October 12, which will be sent to you automatically. Please remember to check your email spam folder! Event details will also be posted in our Regional calendar.