Deep thanks to chaplains Lorna King (Regina- South Chaplaincy) and Cathy Coates (Saskatoon- North Chaplaincy) for their vital ministry, not only to the United Church and its members, but to the wider community. We will continue to share updates.

Here’s an update regarding UCC chaplaincy in Saskatoon acute care hospitals. Chaplain Rev Cathy Coates writes, “Right now, I am still able to work though with some restrictions. That may change as the situations is so fluid. Community clergy are asked to NOT visit except in cases of end of life. Denominational chaplains are not able to visit in ICU, CCU, Stem cell unit, NICU, PICU, or maternal health other then end of life care. The lack of government-funded spiritual care is being felt even more then usual. Those of us who work for our denominations continue to try to fill the void.” Cathy can be reached at 306-277-8707.

Chaplain Lorna King writes, “I am the South SK Hospital Chaplain, and visit United Church patients and residents in health care facilities in Regina. (Pasqua and General Hospitals, Wascana Rehab Centre and Wascana Grace Hospice) The health authority is restricting ‘volunteers’ who are over 65 from non-essential work in all health care facilities. I am currently keeping in touch with patients and residents by sending Well Wishes messages to them, and phoning/texting when I have cell phone numbers for them.

Because I am over 65 and considered by the health authority to be a volunteer, I will be limiting any visiting to requests for visits with patients who are in critical condition or at end of life. I will also be exploring ways to get the technology to patient rooms for FaceTime/Zoom conversations with me and/or with family. Patients and their families can contact me or request staff to contact me at 1-306-551-7755.”