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  1. Living Skies News: Pastoral Relations Ponderings #13; Stewardship Information; Summer Camp Information; COVID-19 updates; Live streaming UC Worship services; MP Re-appointments; SK hospital chaplaincies during COVID-19; Nominations Committee seeking GC #44reps; Gifts and Abilities; Contribution to the Wider Church; Public Performance Licenses for 2020; Covenant Writing; Birth Announcement: It’s a…website!; Accommodations for the RCG;
  2. Wider Church Information: Big Sing and Workshop – cancelled; ReJUNEvation 2020; STU Convocation; Opportunities to serve the wider church;
  3. Upcoming Learning Opportunities: Online national and conversations reminder; United in Learning webinars… continue!; Be Bold!  Be Inspired!  Become a United Church Ministry Learning Site today!; Queen’s House; Leadership Development and Continuing Education – online; Women’s Retreat – cancelled; National webinar: A Trans Christian Faith Perspective;  Living Skies Event Calendar Highlights;
  4. Reminders: Financial Name Change; YAYAC Newsletter– March 4, 2020; Annual Reports;