In the early hours of Sunday May 10 Grosvenor Park and McClure United Churches and St Andrew’s College were targeted by extensive homophobic graffiti. Members and supporters cleaned off the spray paint and a media release was sent out. Here’s the story from the Star-Phoenix. The perpetrator was caught in the act, charged with mischief, and released the next day.

Early on Wednesday May 13, he then targeted Saskatoon Unitarian, St George’s Anglican Church, Emmanuel Anglican Church, and St Thomas Wesley United Church, all of which are openly LGBTQIA+ affirming. The perpetrator then threw rocks at the police headquarters, was arrested, and told police he had targeted several ministries. He is currently in remand awaiting psychiatric assessment.

Saskatoon Affirming Ministries released this response. The many words of support, videos, sidewalk chalk art and more from within the community and across the Regional Council and wider church are much appreciated.