A child with long black hair holding the earth above their head, with a simple map of the world spread out behind them, on a sage green background.In 2021, faith communities across Canada are invited to work together for climate justice through the ecumenical initiative, For the Love of Creation.  We invite you to amplify that work by recognizing Creation Time in worship and congregational life.

We offer the resources in this document series to build on existing Creation Time resources, and to connect them with Creation as experienced in the landscapes and creatures of the Living Skies Region. We invite comments, contributions, and feedback as you work with these resources, and look forward in hope, to see what grows from this small seed. Here’s the Google Drive link: Creation Time 2021 in Living Skies Region

Many thanks to all who worked on these resources, and continue to shape new resources: James Balfour, Anne Mathewson, Laura Stewart.

Creation Time may be thought of as a time to engage with God’s word, not only through Scripture, but also through Creation itself.  It can be a time to lament, a time to seek healing, and to offer comfort; it can be a time where we take the opportunity to reimagine our understanding of Creation within the context of our worship as a people of God.  It is a time when we can invite our worshipping communities to see ourselves and our decisions as inseparable from God’s creation, of which we are a small, yet powerful piece.  It is also a time to harken back to that original creation story and to remember that the work of creation is ongoing; God’s creative work in our world did not end with what is alluded to in Genesis.