This year at our annual meeting in Humboldt, one item on the agenda will be a Category 1 Remit. A Remit is a vote to change some aspect of the Basis of Union ( the foundational agreement of the United Church of Canada at the time of church union in 1925).  Some Remits are voted on by regional councils and pastoral charges. Other Remits are only voted on be regional councils. Further details about Remits in general and the Basis of Union can be found in The Manual (2019) of the United Church of Canada.

The remit coming before the Annual Meeting is entitled Remit 1- Amendment to the Basis of Union Article 10.0 on Ministry Personnel. The background of the remit and the wording change proposed are available here. Generally speaking, the change is to amend the language about ministry personnel to include persons of all gender identities and to no longer assume a gender binary only (male/ female).

This is also an opportunity for Communities of Faith to engage in study on gender identity. Some resources for your individual or community based reflection:

National United Church collection of resources on gender identity and expression, and sexualities.

Celebrating Gender Identity kit: lots of good resources for engaging your community of faith in this conversation.

Belonging in the Body: Transgender Journeys of Faith. Excellent video of many Canadian Christians who are trans or non binary telling their stories.