Preaching Tips When the Sermon Isn’t Coming
Tuesday, October 26th, 2021
7pm (Online Zoom presentation)

Rev. Brian Walton is a gifted pastoral minister and spiritual counsellor desperately trying to retire after offering his entire ministry in Saskatchewan.  He is an honorary degree recipient from St. Andrew’s College and has provided sessional instruction at the College in the areas of Preaching & Worship.  He wouldn’t say this, but he’s kind of “United Church famous” and deeply respected for his insightful, personal preaching and commitment to Spiritual Care.

Brian believes that many sermons are the product of ‘holy inspiration’ and almost write themselves.  For those Sundays when that doesn’t happen he offers some tips for shaping the creative process.  In particular this month, Brian will focus on structural forms, explaining some of the structures and practices that can support and enhance our sermon writing.

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