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Practically Prophetic: Grief, Depression & Anxiety

February 9, 2021 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Grief, Depression & Anxiety
Thurs, Feb 25 & Thurs, Mar 4th

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The excitement and sparkle of Christmas is over.  We are heading into the toughest season of the year for folks who struggle with their mood.  Statistically, this is the season where we face the greatest risk of people dying by suicide.  This year particularly, we are becoming more and more isolated from friends and family with restrictions related to COVID.  For folks who find their motivation and energy disappear with the short days and chilly weather it’s hard to do all the things that experts recommend to maintain / manage mood.  (Getting outside!? – getting exercise!? – cutting down on carbs??!!! That is crazy talk!!!)  It becomes easy to just not answer the phone when loved ones attempt to make contact.

Grief is NOT a mood disorder but it often gets mistaken for one because the experience is so similar.  The risk is that treating grief like an illness means that a normal reaction to loss becomes medicalized and pathologized.  In those situations, people don’t trust their natural coping strategies.

We are more likely to reach out for help when we know what we are dealing with – when we can give a name to the symptoms that we are experiencing. These sessions are designed to give basic information so that it is possible to name what we are experiencing and then to look for the most helpful forms of support.

Session One
Basic Facts: Grief, Depression & Anxiety
Thurs, Feb. 25th, 7:00 pm (Zoom online)
“What are the Symptoms of Depression & Anxiety?”
“How are these disorders similar to and different from Grief?”

Session Two
Self-help Strategies: Managing our own mood disorders & supporting others with mood disorders.
Thurs, Mar. 4th, 7:00 pm (Zoom online)
“What is helpful for you to do for yourself when you struggle with mood disorders?”
“How can you be supportive to friends and family with these disorders?”


About our presenter:
Ruth Mireau (MSW) (RSW) SK, is a social worker who worked in Mental Health and Addictions in Saskatchewan for 38 years as a counsellor.  In addition to providing counselling to clients with a wide variety of mental health issues she supervised health authority staff, taught counselling skills to counsellors across the province and was an Instructor with the U of R, Faculty of Social Work.

Ruth is an active member of McClure United Church in Saskatoon.  As a preacher’s kid, she grew up in the church in a variety of rural communities.  She has always found the connections she has made in the church to be an important source of personal support.


“Practically Prophetic” is a new speaker series focused on tools & tips for our UCC ministry together. Think of it as Com-Ed (Community Education) for all: speakers, presentations, and panel discussions related to just about anything & everything in the vibrant faith-life of the church.  Oh yeah, we’re excited that Practically Prophetic is a pretty cool collaboration of Living Skies Region Faith Formation (UCC), St. Andrew’s College, and the Centre for Christian Studies. 




February 9, 2021
8:00 am - 5:00 pm