Creating a “Church-Ninja” Package is a fun, easy, and pretty inexpensive way to remind the children of your community of faith that you’re thinking of them this summer.

  1. Church Ninja Instructions
  2. Church Ninja Letter Template
  3. Colouring Sheets – 2020 Church Ninja Pkg
  4. LBC Neighbourhood Bingo

How Does it Work?

The concept is basically to create a treasure box of fun activities and items, and then secretly drop it off at the homes of the kids in your congregation .  It’s pretty straight-forward stuff – just think of a wine/book ninja adapted for church kids.

Have fun with it!  Invite members of the congregation to fill the boxes and make the Ninja-deliveries!  It’s probably best to let the parents/adults know that a package is coming, but try to keep it a secret from the kids!

 Greeting Message from the Church Ninja

  • Personalise the message with the child’s name, community of faith, and contact info for ministry and/or volunteer leaders.
  • Template is included, but feel free to change or create your own.

Treasure Box Container

  • Depending on budget, the Treasure Chest could be a purchased box or simply a decorated shoebox.
  • Just remember to personalize the box with the child’s na me!

Considerations for Contents (pics below):

  • Sidewalk Chalk (3-4 sticks)
  • Bubbles
  • Sticker page
  • Hot Wheels Car
  • Play-Doh
  • Rubber Band Bracelets
  • Glo-Sticks
  • Facemask
  • Neighbourhood Walk Bingo – pdf (courtesy of Lumsden Beach Camp)
  • Colouring Sheets – pdf (copyright-free images only)
  • Other creative ideas….?


All contents purchased at local dollar store.  Approx. cost per treasure box is below:

Wood box (w. latch):      $4

Play-Doh:                           $1
Hot Wheels:                       $1.50
Sidewalk Chalk:                 $0.50
Bottle of Bubbles:            $0.35
Sticker Sheet:                    $0.25
Face Mask:                         $0.35
Rubber Band Bracelets: $0.35
Glo-Sticks:                           $0.50

Total:  $4.80 (not including the wooden box)