Extra discussion and resources about the regional assessment proposal to the regional gathering

Thank you to the 64 regional council delegates and visitors present on November 2 for the extra discussion on the regional assessment in support of mission grant-supported ministries. That is real dedication!

Much of the discussion focused on the United Church’s wider financial system; there’s still a lot to learn about the bigger picture, and the many changes introduced in 2019.

Here are some resources:
The overview PowerPoint used; the status of 2020 national and regional assessments to congregations in our Region; and the 2020 budget in summary form.

It was suggested we should have some time to hear from our Region’s many and diverse outreach, outdoor, and chaplaincy ministries, and we will work on setting up some Zoom time with them over the next few months. In the meantime, this page lists them and also gives you their latest news.