A prayer of gratitude and intercession in a time of pandemic
(Credit: many writers and inspirations. Shared by Earl Reaburn, Northern Spirit pastoral relations minister, during our regional checks in during Week One in Northern Spirit, Living Skies, and Prairie to Pine regional councils. Please use freely. See other resources here.)

Holy One,

We are living in an uncertain and anxious time.

Calm us with your reassuring presence.

Remind us that your Spirit surrounds us always.

When information overwhelms us, correct or not,

Help us to be discerning.

When fear makes it difficult to catch our breath

And worry is all around us, slow us down.


We are so grateful for all who are working hard through this time,

Especially for nurses and physicians,

For technicians and janitors, aides and researchers,

Caregivers and chaplains.


We pray for all who are sick with COVID19, or other illness,

And for those who sit at their bedsides, and those who grieve.

For all who are effected in every place.

We are so aware of the common closeness of the human family.

We pray for health, and safety.


May we who are merely inconvenienced remember those whose lives are at stake.

May we who have few risk factors remember those who are vulnerable.

May we who can work from home, remember those who must choose between risking their health and paying their bills.

May we who have to cancel out trips remember those with no safe place to go.

May we who are isolated at home, remember those who have no home.

May we who are able to care for children at home while schools are closed, remember those who have no option.

As fear grips our community, our country, our globe,

Let us choose love, and compassion, as you show to us.

During this time when we cannot embrace each other physically

Let us find ways to be the reassuring embrace of you, our God, for our neighbours near and far.


To you, our loving Creator, our compassionate Companion, our hope-giving Spirit, we pray.