Our world has changed so drastically in recent weeks with the changes we have had to make to protect ourselves and each other, to save our communities and our world from being engulfed by the CoVid19 virus.  The physical distancing and self-isolation have meant reshaping our worship, our contact with family, and our ways of providing Spiritual Care in the health facilities.  To prevent bringing the virus into the long-term care homes and hospital rooms and spreading that infection to already vulnerable individuals, we can no longer visit in facilities.

With the Sask Health Authority restrictions in place during the CoVid19 pandemic, I am not currently doing regular visits in any of the health facilities.  I have put in place a process for a visit to be made in compassionate cases (SHA names these as: prior to major surgery or at end of life.)  Please call 1-306-551-7755 or ask the nursing staff or unit clerk to make that call for you.

I have been doing my best to stay in contact with patients and residents using electronic methods – cell phone calls and texts, as well as using the Well Wishes service available on the RQHR site.  I would be glad to be in touch with other patients in these ways, so call me, 1-306-551-7755.  You can use Well Wishes, too, go to (Regina) rqhealth.ca or to saskatoonhealthregion.ca On each home page you will find the link for Well Wishes.  You will need the patient’s name and room number (you can call the facility and ask for patient information if you don’t already know the room).

For those of you who have family in long-term care at Wascana Rehab Centre, recreation staff are arranging for weekly visits using their I-Pads on the units (apparently it works best if you have an I-Phone or I-Pad.)  Call Wascana Rehab and talk to staff in Extendicare Recreation. 1-306-766-5323

Based in Regina, my ministry is to provide Spiritual Care to United Church patients in Regina facilities (General and Pasqua Hospitals, Wascana Grace Hospice and Wascana Rehab Centre).  The focus was meant to be on United Church residents from communities outside Regina, but the reality is that many United Church people have moved to Regina and have not made a close connection with a congregation here.  With the health facilities no longer making available lists of patients by religious affiliation, the only way I can know that someone is in a health facility is for me to receive a call.  If someone from your faith community is in hospital, or in long-term care at Wascana Rehab, please let me know 1-306-551-7755.

Blessings in this Season of Easter, as we reconnect with the resurrection, as we look for signs of spring around us on the prairies.  May you and the ones you love know the enduring presence of the Holy One, God who loves us without question, and without ceasing.  Chaplain Lorna King, United Church, South SK Hospital Chaplaincy