June 6 Sunday service for the Regional Council: God’s Family of Faith – A Recipe for Unity

Westminster United Church in Humboldt in partnership with St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Humboldt and Quill Plains United Church Pastoral Charge in Watson and Quill Lake have created this worship service. In a spirit of collaboration we share our hope and joy as we discover what it means to worship and work together in new ways.

Thanks to the congregations and parish, and all the many volunteers: Matteo Carboni, Phyllis Arnst, Andrew Cebryk, Maureen Whalley, Carol Gossner, Deborah Bryson, Elan Buan, Ruth Mostowy, Roxanne Bagnall, Elsa Hancock, Chris Hancock, Yoonjin Park Bott, Tyler Skogen, Doug Berger, Allison Sarauer, April Pauli, Cindy Goodman, Brenda Curtis. Special THANKS! to Sarah Miller for video editing.

You tube link: https://youtu.be/ct529VVKx2A

June 6th Regional Council Service – Word (for download)
June 6th Regional Council Service – pdf