It’s another COVID winter and it’s all too easy to feel isolated, tired, and just blah. So, our Regional Council is joining with other Regions and holding an all ages Snow and Ice Art competition. This is your chance to dust off your creativity and your communal spirit (and your good mittens); to dream up some plans for freezing art or magnificent snow sculptures or mighty castles; and to gather your team. Endless though winter might feel, our window for our amazing creations is now to mid February.

So gather your team! It doesn’t need to be complicated, and can also start simple and get more grandiose as word spreads. For example, your whole community can be involved in making ice blocks or ornaments; having a small coordinating team just helps the communication and actual build.

Our themeLove Our Neighbours. Our timing: mid January to late February. Who: everyone! Kids and elders especially welcome. Teaching resources, ways to upload photos and videos of your masterpieces, and more: please see the dedicated page on our website for current and future details. You can also share this PDF invitation and overview. And you can join our public Facebook group to share photos and ideas with others.

For more information, contact Regional Justice and Communications Minister Julie Graham,