Worldwide Gaza Ceasefire Pilgrimage, in Lent and beyond, in your community

In this season of Lent, and beyond, pilgrims in 125 countries are mapping the 41 km length of the Gaza Strip, by walking in prayerful solidarity with the people of Gaza, with all hostages and captives,  and calling for a durable ceasefire.

These pilgrimages are not demonstrations. They are times of deep lament, contemplation, and community solidarity with the many, many people and the lands and waters who have been so deeply harmed by the immense violence in Palestine and Israel. They can take place in communities of any size, in any configuration, with any partners. They can take place after Lent; the weather will be better in our Prairies and Northern context, making your pilgrimage more accessible for all. Unfortunately, the immense needs and trauma created by this extreme violence will be a reality for a long time, and our witness and active support for peace and for aid will be needed in the long term.

Text: Gaza Ceasefire Pilgrimage, overlaid on a parchment background, with a watercolour rendering of an olive branch.

Please consider a pilgrimage for your community, and contact Regional Minister Julie Graham  at if you’d like the simple planning resource being developed. Please see the global website for principles, resources, and more.

An example of a Saskatchewan pilgrimage in Saskatoon that includes people from surrounding communities can be found here.

Other actions

United Church action calls continue to be updated here. Please note that our church is calling for an end to Canadian military sales to Israel, which saw a major increase in October 2023, following the Hamas attacks. Project Ploughshares, a peace and research coalition of which the United Church is a longtime and founding member, outlines its major concerns that Canada is “fanning the flames” in its comprehensive report, available here.  Some Ceasefire Pilgrimages may choose to include this as an action; this is up to local organizers and partners. But you are urged to be aware of the grave concern that Canada is actively contributing to violence.