Hold a peace pilgrimage in your own community and with national church leaders

Throughout Lent, many communities of faith across Canada, and around the world, with their bodies prayerfully mapped Gaza onto their own communities through the worldwide Gaza Ceasefire Pilgrimage.

This renewed invitation is for everyone! Walk or roll together in your own community. Pray and act for a ceasefire, and for more than a ceasefire- for a just peace for all in Palestine and Israel. Then, if you can, join national church leaders for the final leg of their pilgrimage. KAIROS member church leaders, including Moderator Carmen Lansdowne, will gather in Ottawa on May 22-23 to bring these calls in person to the Government of Canada and Parliamentarians. They’ll urge them to take immediate and sustained steps to advance and promote the calls made in the Gaza Ceasefire Pilgrimage.

Please see the United Church site and the KAIROS site for more details. Here’s a new, introductory little guide for planning your pilgrimage, especially in smaller communities.  If you would like to plan a pilgrimage in your community, please let the Regional Council know so that we can support you. Email Regional Justice Minister Julie Graham at jgraham@united-church.ca