A stained glass blue and purple ircle with a starburst and dove in the center.Living Skies Regional Council is thrilled to celebrate two significant milestones on the leadership journey for two members of our Regional Council.

On Sunday, September 26, we will participate in the ordination of Jonathan Worrall, and the admission of Emily Carr at Melfort United Church at 3pm.  Stay tuned for details regarding options for how you might participate.

Covenanting and retirement services

As communities of faith begin to worship together in person, many postponed covenanting services and retirement celebrations are being planned.  We ask you to hold in prayer (or take a lovely fall road trip) the following events:

  • September 12 – covenanting with Rosetown United Church and Allan Gairns, at 7pm
  • September 19 – service of release for Laura Sundburg, at 10am
  • September 26 – retirement celebration and release from covenant with Strasbourg United Church and Donna Rumpel, at 2pm
  • September 26 – covenanting with Melfort United Church and Jonathan Worrall, at 3pm
  • September 29 – Covenanting with Saskatoon: St. Paul’s United Church and Mitchell Anderson, at 7pm