(PDF version of this letter.)
Greetings friends in Christ,

As I watch the days of May pass by and begin to think of summer plans, I am very aware of the Regional Council gatherings that would have been happening over the next few weeks.  May has never quite looked like this for me in my current role; this is always a crazy busy time with staff getting ready for Annual Meetings and packing up the office to move to wherever we were to meet.

I am sad that we are not gathering in Humboldt this weekend as a church family, and I am disappointed that we won’t be celebrating together the admission of Rev. Hyun Heo and Rev. Hoeun Lee.

I will miss the laughter and stories of the incredible ministry journeys of our retirees as we mark another milestone in their life within the church: Cathy Coates, Wendy Gibson, Elizabeth Goodson, Marg Janick-Grayston, Mathias Ross, Donna Rumpel, Kevin Sprong, Salesi Takau, and Ursula Wiig.

As you gather and connect this weekend please hold them in your prayers.  Plans are underway for an online recognition this fall, and when we are able to gather in person again, we will celebrate their ministries together.

Thank you to the planning and local arrangements teams who still did a lot of faithful work even though we aren’t gathering together:  Convenor of the Regional Gathering Rob Reed, Convenor of the Planning Committee Barb MacNaughton, Hoeun Lee, Bonnie Morton, Carol Oleksyn, Darrell Reine,  and Allison Sarauer.

Spring blessings to you,