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Dear Friends,

It is with profound regret that we write you to announce the cancellation of the 2020 Regional Gathering of Living Skies Regional Council, scheduled for Humboldt, Saskatchewan, May 21-24.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated unknowns related to solutions, restrictions of movement and restrictions of gathering, the Planning Team, in consultation with the Living Skies Executive and staff made the decision to cancel this event. From the perspective of this group of leaders, this decision reflects our intention to act responsibly and that, in so doing, we acknowledge the severity of this health crisis.

In the wake of this decision, we are aware that there are a number of business items that were scheduled for the Regional Gathering Agenda that will not be addressed in the previous usual way. At this time, we have begun working on plans that will allow for the digital/virtual engagement of these items by all delegates to the Regional Gathering. Please continue to monitor the Living Skies website’s regional gathering page, read the Regional Rambler newsletter, and read incoming emails and other related correspondence, so that you are prepared to participate when these events happen.

For those people who have been named as lay delegates to the Regional Gathering, your responsibility has not ended because the event is cancelled. You will be asked to participate in the decision-making that takes place digitally/virtually, so please continue to monitor the mediums and platforms named above, so that you too, are prepared.

For those who were looking forward to the Regional Gathering in Humboldt as a time for reconnecting for spiritual, social or educational purposes, the Planning Team is aware of this need, and will be considering what options might be available to meet this need, in the future.

As our Church continues to adapt to an ever-changing reality, we give thanks for your continued gifts of energy, time and spirit, to being the church in your communities. We also invite your prayers for those who serve at the Regional Council level, including volunteers and staff.

Thank you!


Rob Reed, Convenor of the Regional Gathering,

Tricia Gerhard, Chairperson of the Executive.