March 30, 2023                                                                                                                  Printable PDF version

Living Skies Region Archives Update
Since the 1980s, the Saskatchewan Conference Archives, now Living Skies Regional Council Archives, has enjoyed a beneficial and positive partnership with the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan (PAS).  This allowed us to lease storage space for our archival records at the PAS’s excellent storage facility.  Additionally, for the last decade or so, the Region’s wonderful half-time Archivist, Madeleine Mcluhan-Myers, is a full-time employee of the PAS who we were able to “lease” for 17.5 hours per week.  Unfortunately, the PAS has decided to end this arrangement.  As of April 1st, 2023, Madeleine will no longer be our Regional Archivist, and as of April 1st, 2025, we will no longer be able to store our records at PAS.  Our staff and the PAS are working together to make this as smooth a transition as possible.

Saying Good-Bye and Thank you to Madeleine
Madeleine has worked as our Archivist since 2012, and her caring and professionalism is well known among her colleagues and the visitors to the Archives.  She has worked tirelessly to organize our records into a professional and well-described Archives, and to help people access the records they need.  Her talents and enthusiasm have been a blessing to the Living Skies Region and we wish her all the best as she moves forward in her career as a full-time Archivist at the PAS.

What’s Next?
As we enter this time of transition, we remain committed to enabling access to the records, their continued safe preservation, and our commitment to reconciliation and the TRC’s Calls to Action as they relate to Archives.

For the immediate future, the Living Skies Region Archives will be cared for from afar by Leanne Templeton (Archivist for Northern Spirit Region and Chinook Winds Region based out of Edmonton) and Erin Acland (Archivist for Prairie to Pine Region based out of Winnipeg).  In addition, Heather Dootoff (Financial Administrator for Northern Spirit, Living Skies, and Prairie to Pine Regional Councils based out of Regina) will do necessary “leg work” as needed.

If you have questions for the Archives then reach out to Leanne and Erin.  Both have extensive experience as archivists for the United Church, and have worked closely with Madeleine for a number of years.  They are happy to hear from you.

Need to Access a Record?
There may be some growing pains as we work out a system for reference, and some delays in response will occur. Priority will be given for requests related to: baptism, marriage, and burial records; residential schools/ colonizing institutions; property commission; and community of faith’s requests for their own records.  If you are able to do your own in-person research, we will work with PAS in Regina to enable you to access the records.  The PAS is also able to do some reproductions of archival material at a cost.

If you have a reference request please first contact Leanne and Erin who will direct you to next steps.

Want to Transfer a Record?
With few exceptions, the Living Skies Archives will not be accepting new record transfers until we are fully moved into a new space.  If the records are in danger of being lost or damaged, then please be in touch and we will accommodate a transfer, but if the records are not at immediate risk then we ask that they be stored at a local United Church for now.  Any closing communities of faith should be in touch with Leanne and Erin to discuss next steps and how best to keep the records safe.

Future Space
We are actively trying to find a new home for the Archives in Saskatchewan.  We are optimistic that we’ll find a suitable home in the near future.

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