Action invitation for SK: stand up for children’s rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Two soldiers with a boy between them move down a street with their backs to us. Underneath, text says "Canada, stand up for children's rights."Imagine having the military force their way into your house in the middle of the night, isolate your 13 year old, question him, drag him off handcuffed to some unidentified prison where he is interrogated and held for months.  That’s what happens to hundreds of Palestinian teenagers each year.

Several groups are working together to bring this to the attention of Canadians and our government.  We are asking for the appointment of a special Canadian envoy to investigate what is happening to Palestinian children.  The campaign called “Canada, Stand Up for Children’s Rights” focuses on education and a Parliamentary e-petition through MP Paul Manly’s office open for signatures until November 3rd. Let’s get Saskatchewan on board with this action.

How can you be involved?

Sign and share the petition; learn more through this background resource, written by United Church members; and contact
Renee and/ or Donna at  to learn about the plans to involve people and build momentum in Saskatchewan as part of this cross- Canada campaign.