The 44th General Council begins February 13 and our prayers go with Commissioners, faith and global partners, staff, resource people as they embark on a great deal of work on our behalf.  Below is information on how to access visitor registration and more. And, this post introduces Commissioners from within the Regional Council and offers some key links for overall information.

Click here to see the main GC44 website.

Much about this process was new even before COVID meant the church could not gather in Calgary this summer. Please help your community of faith engage the important work of General Council by sharing these links and helping them access the General Council 44 website.


A line drawing of a person with a beard. In blue and green script: "Who do you say I am?"Rev Graham Brownmiller, chair of the worship committee, offers this blessing for our Commissioners, who have been elected to serve for the next three years. In thanking them for their service and ministry to the Body of Christ, we might say:

“Jesus asks, “Who do you say that I am?” and it might beg the question, who do we say that you are?
As you enter into the 44th General Council gathering over the next six months, and as you undertake this work, remember that you are a bold disciple, called to a deep spirituality, and you are called to receive the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. As you begin, and continue, the work of this General Council, may you dare to be blessed, may you courageously engage the work and be transformed. Go with the blessing of this community of faith, and may God bless you and all who are committed to this work. Amen.”

Participating in GC44

From Facebook to YouTube, there are many ways for people to participate throughout these next several months of GC44.  These options are outlined here:

If people want to register to attend online as a visitor, they can do so at

Worship resources for congregations can be found on our website at

The latest General Council news and key documents are here: